‘Tis the season! The season of celebrations, New Year greetings, spendings, gifts, family time, delectable cuisines and holiday movies is officially here. Though Santa is already heading back to North Pole, the mercury of festivity is still on the rise and if you’re a devout movie buff then there can be hardly any New Year’s Party as fulfilling as a good movie marathon to end your year with.

So are you bored of the multiple rewatch of the same Christmas movies every year? Bid an adieu to your boredom as we are here to your rescue. Gear up for the list of 10 amazing flicks to catch this Holiday season and add a festive twist to your watchlist:


The Holiday (2006): This Cameron Diaz-Kate Winslet starrer romantic comedy is a fitting addition to the holiday films list. Set around the year’s end festivity, The Holiday will make you fall in love all over again with its endearing depiction of romance, melancholy and adventure.



Home Alone(1990): There’s hardly any 90’s born out there who has not seen Home Alone while growing up. Even after two decades since it’s release, this Christmas comedy exploring the nuisances of 8 year old Kevin is still a ritual watch during the Holiday season. So set all your blues aside and let it tickle the funny bone.



New Year’s Eve (2011): Featuring a long list of big names ranging from Robert De Niro, Jon Bon Jovi to Halle Berry and Aston Kutcher, New Year’s Eve is literally a ‘star-studded affair’ and hence the perfect film to deck up your holiday celebrations. Set around New Year’s Eve in New York City, this ensemble romcom is definitely worth a watch with your significant other.



The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993): To beat the chill of the season, you need some real thrill and when there’s a Tim Burton film on the watch list, the thrill front is well covered. This 19993 classic fantasy-animation takes us on an unusual ride to a world of unimaginable wonders and misadventure. This holiday season, unleash the child in you and witness a very unlikely Christmas tale on screen.



Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005): It’s said one is never too old for chocolate. Quite similarly, one is never too old to escape into the magical world of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. With Tim Burton’s commendable direction and complimented by Johny’s Depp’s unforgettable performance, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory provides for the ideal movie platter this holiday.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - Remake


The Terminal (2004): There are few films which can effectively bring out the candid humor from a wretched situation and this Steven Spielberg directorial is rightfully one of them. Starring superstar Tom Hanks in the lead, “The Terminal” is an offbeat romantic comedy drama that is quite an instance of ‘Holiday gone wrong’. The film makes you burst out in giggle and also feel a little lumped in the throat as we follow Victor Navorski in his peculiar pursuit.



Sleepless in Seattle (1993): Fun, fate, love, family- Sleepless in Seattle duly comprises all the essential elements that holidays are made up of. No matter how many times you’ve watched this Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan starring romance, it still makes you feel like the first time.



Little Miss Sunshine (2006): Redefining the saying that family sticks through all thicks and thins, Little Miss Sunshine is an amusingly brilliant and Academy Award winning comedy drama that deserves to rank high in the holiday movie list. It follows an unusual journey of a dysfunctional family as they struggles to get their younger daughter in a beauty contest.



Home for the Holidays (1995): Based on a short story by Chris Radant, Home for the Holidays is a 1995 romantic comedy that revolves around the homecoming of Claudia (played by Holly Hunter) for the holidays. It is a fresh, light-hearted movie that fittingly upholds the celebratory mood of the season.



Arthur Christmas (2011): Have you ever wondered what is it like in the world of Santa Claus before Christmas? If yes then put Arthur Christmas on your watch list on priority. This 2011 animated Christmas comedy explores an unlikely adventure of Santa’s son Arthur and it is out rightly witty and visually delightful.



If holiday is all about sneaking into an escape, then you couldn’t hope for a better way to get lost than in a good movie. So gather your friends and family this New Year’s Eve and arrange for the perfect movie night with our listed Holiday specials.