“Everyone’s violent, given the chance.”

– Annalise Keating, How to Get Away with Murder

So you think you’ve had enough of murder mysteries, thrillers and procedural dramas? It’s time to rethink and reconsider…From the creators of leading primetime dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal comes a legal drama that is as compelling as its title sounds. Before we provide you further heads up on the reasons why you must catch this show, it is to be stated upfront that not only is ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ the most happening new series on TV at present but it also registers itself as one of the most progressive shows of all time.

Swagger. Suspense. Splendor.-this show has got it all and more. From utter “OMG moments” to absolute “Oh, Shit! moments”- every episode makes sure that it has successfully blown the minds of the viewers until they can’t get enough of it.

Check out the following 10 reasons to find out why this 9 episodes old legal/mystery drama is TV’s next Big Thing and why you must have this show in your watch-list if it isn’t there already:

1) A fresh, unfamiliar cast ensemble:    With a name as big as Oscar-nominated Viola Davis in the female lead, it is natural to hope for other big names in the cast. However, How to Get Away with Murder takes the ‘road less traveled by’ and rather casts a very unfamiliar ensemble of actors who not only leave their mark as the show progresses, but also manages to be household names among the show’s rapidly-booming fandom. This reason is sure to get a few “amen” if you already watch the show and have become real fond of Jack Falahee (as Connor Walsh) or Alfred Enoch (as Wes Gibbins) in no time.



2) Yet another charismatic and unyielding performance by Viola Davis:    Continuing her winning streaks since the film The Help, Viola Davis once again makes her worth known (and this time on the small screen) through a power-packed performance in the lead as Professor Annalise Keating. She is the Danny Ocean of the Ocean’s series who single-handedly controls the wheel of the ship and impeccably skins in the flaws and fabulousness of her character. Her screen presence is undeniably the USP of the show and it won’t be surprising if she gives her fellows nominees a run for their money in the Emmys next year.



3) A gripping narrative and plot points:    How to Get Away with Murder recounts the life of Law Professor and Defense Attorney Annalise Keating (played by Davis) who along with her students falls in the labyrinth of a murder plot. The show’s narrative is its Holy Grail. It is one of the few instances where you see non-linear narrative format being used on Television and this show makes the most judicious use of this distinctive form of storytelling. The twists and plot points frequently leave mouths wide open and one can’t help but start a mental countdown for the next episode.



4) Layered and relatable characters:    In terms of characterization too, this show emerges as an undisputed winner. It underlines that ‘black’ and ‘white’ are not exactly two water-tight compartments but everyone is rather made of shades of grey. Every character in the show is layered, capricious, relatable and is seen battling their own sets of inner demons while also keeping up with calls of their conscience and humanity.



5) Unorthodox revelation of the mystery factors:    Blinking eyes might be the sole grave mistake one can commit while watching this show cause a lot can happen over that one second’s act. Every episode takes you on a tour of alleyways made of unforeseen revelations and disclosing mysteries and it is nothing like what we have hitherto seen in several run-of-the-mill thrillers. The show’s dealing in mystery factor is unhurried, unorthodox and out rightly impressive. Unlike its contemporaries, HTGAWM comprises of a strong emotive footing that goes hand in hand with its bracing thrill and the pace.



6) Style arrives in style:    It is often exclaimed that a stylish show cannot be a critically acclaimed show and vice versa. There again, this show proves every fallacy wrong. A brilliant story and acting are further complimented by the show’s unremitting adherence to the latest fashion trends. And when we say style it does not just imply to the actors’ attires but also their graceful presence and body language. Oh, the oomph!



7) Proficient representation of social issues like feminism, misogyny, homosexuality and racism:     The first adjective that piques the mind when it comes to describing the show- is ‘progressive’. How to Get Away with Murder sets a luminous example for all the pretentious shows out there which start with a bang but end with a whimper. It efficiently touches on raging issues of feminism, racism and homosexuality in a very implied, subtle yet rational manner.



8) Characters like Connor Walsh and Asher Millstone will leave the fangirls swooning:   Already being tagged among the most desirable men on TV, the devastatingly good-looking Connor Walsh (played by Jack Falahee) and his quirky mannerisms are sure to make many fangirls skip a few heartbeats. While the show fastens up our adrenaline, character like Asher (played by Matt McGorry) tickles the funny bone. It’s a rarity to see a legal drama juggling humor in its otherwise staid layout.



9) Breaking stereotypes in context of depiction of intimate scenes:    The bold and steamy gay intimate scenes in the show might well have raised a few eyebrows in the critics circle but the show’s creators unapologetically continued to be steadfast in their effort to break the stereotypes and taboos associated with a potentially extensive homophobic society.



10) Jaw-dropping cliffhangers:    Till the very concluding second of an episode before the end credits roll in, the show continues to churn our minds and mess up our sanity with jaw-dropping cliffhangers that no one could have possibly seen coming. Thou sweet Torture!



The pulse-racing, bad-ass first season of How to Get Away with Murder just got done with its mid-season finale last week. Before it returns from its overlong hiatus on January next year, catch up with it and find for yourself why the show is worth obsessing over!

  • saminsomniac

    Breaking stereotypes in context of depiction of intimate scenes
    I seriously don’t get the logic here. In the context that with the ‘next big thing’ tag, guessing that the author implied in terms of viewer volume and widespread public appreciation. So, what stuttered my mind was, with the author labeling the society as a potentially “extensive homophobic” one, wouldn’t this point make much more sense as a dissenting one, which could potentially deviate viewers from the show ?

    A really well written article, btw. The show has a promising future and potentially became part of the all time greats.

    Also, i would like to share a concern of mine, the need for pointless innumerable sex scenes (heterossexual ones). The show has shown more sex-scenes per episode than a James Bond movie. Don’t get me wrong, i do like sex scenes, but the ones on the show seems much more like a medium to expend time rather than making any point. The one with Wes and Rebecca with the corpse autopsy scene was gross.

  • This show is fresh and cast is really good.