Mind twisting storylines have their separate genre with a considerable audience. Usually, they are distinguished from other movies by their ability to play and mess up with their audience’s mind. There have been some notable movies in this genre with both critical acclaims as well as box-office successes. These stories have the potential to play with your mind and would make you thirsty for an explanation for which you would be googling for hours.


There are movies which answer questions, other raises questions and answers the same and then there is Primer. A twisted tale of time travel, friendship, and corruption. It has all the ingredients that a proper mind twisters have and it is sure to gauge your senses for the entire running time of the movie and leave you in a perpetual state of confusion and distress.

The movie has an extraordinary box office figures. With the production cost of mere $7,000, it collected $565,846. The movie does its job that is to screw with your intellect and does it well. The most interesting fact, the lead character of Aaron played by Shane Carruth did the writing, directing, cinematography, editing, post production, and even the soundtrack for the movie himself.

Fight Club

“You met me at a very strange time in my life” – filled with epic dialogues, great cinematography, commendable acting, and an engaging storyline. This movie is right there at the top. A must watch.

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Mulholland Drive

As twisted as it can get, the movie is centered around Betty played by Naomi Watts and an amnesic girl played by Laura Elena Harring who has lost her memory post an accident at the Mulholland Drive. It is sure to leave you astonished at the end. Watch it if you’re into mind-f’s.

Donnie Darko

Jake Gyllenhaal has produced a gem of a performance in this. On one side, he is a bright and prosperous high school student whilst on the other, he has an eccentric side who follows a mysterious bunny character. It is intriguing and fascinating and sure to keep you on the very edge of your seats.


Probably the most bizarre storyline that you’re ever gonna see. It is different and would keep you hitched. The time travel sequence and portrayal is sure to keep your brain ticking throughout the movie.


Remember the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Ghajini’, this is his alma mater. Devoid of all the masala, this is a classic. A man suffering from short term memory loss searches for his wife’s killers through photos and memoirs. Intriguing.

Mr. Nobody

Starring Jared Leto and directed by Jaco Van Dormael, it shows three different paths that Jared Leto’s character’s life could have taken. A nine-year-old boy stands on a platform facing an impossible choice. He chooses to go with his mother; he chooses to go with his father; he chooses to run away.

The Machinist

Christian Bale, the perfectionist, in the lead who plays a lathe operator who is an insomniac and hasn’t slept for months. Whats entails afterward are a series of delusionary events which forces the lead character to question his sanity.

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Best Mind Screwing Movies of 21st century

Other worthy mentions, The Prestige, Sixth Sense, Cube, Exam, Cloud Atlas, Ex-Machina, Inception, Triangle, OldBoy (Korean).



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