Do you ever feel like your life lacks direction and you’re an aimless wanderer in the middle of a vast desert? If your answer to that question is no, then, you need to think again. And, for those of you who have felt like clueless souls at some point or the other in your life, pat your back for thy truthful soul. So, what do you do on such gloomy days? For all you dispirited souls out there, I would recommend sitting down with a steaming hot cup of coffee and indulging and maybe even over-indulging, in the beautiful and vast world of MOVIES. Movies that change your perspective of looking at life are the ones that you should indulge in on such hapless days. Oh, just a warning, they might leave you teary-eyed but, in a “I feel better” kind of way so, way to go fellas!

When one thinks of the kind of movies that force us to rethink our lives or our very existence within the universe, The Matrix is probably the first movie that pops up, isn’t it? The Matrix forces us to question our existence and the universe that we are a part of. It compels us to ask ourselves if what is true is real or not and conversely, if what seems real is true or not. The film makes us wonder if we could, if we really wanted to, look past the thin line that exists between truth and reality; if the universe that we are a part of is, in fact, a reality, and not a setup, and if it is a setup, who and what controls us.matrix gifThe Jim Carrey starrer The Truman Show makes us wonder if, our lives are no more than entertainment shows, solely made to please the audiences. Like Truman’s life which is no more than a reality show that is presented to its viewers, we, in the modern age, translate our lives into digital stories. Everyone, therefore, has easy access to some or the other part of our lives. We, just like Truman, accept the reality that we are presented with. We do not try to look for an alternate reality or realities; we perceive the world presented to us as the real one, oblivious to what the reality may be. We live in a world where everyone plays roles they have been assigned, and these actors are temporary, their roles and importance changes with time. We are governed by our fears that constrict our thinking and actions considerably. The Truman Show, therefore, draws a parallel between the world of Truman that is unreal and the world that we consider real. It drives us to think deeply about what our purpose in this world is and to open our minds to the veiled reality.


When we talk of movies that change our perspective of life, we cannot possibly miss out on the incredible Good Will Hunting. It is the story of a man with a troubled childhood whose inability to put his potential to good use is seen as his failure by the society. His life changes when he meets his therapist who guides him and helps him overcome his fears and uncertainties about the past, present, and the future. The protagonist is finally able to believe that what happened to him as a child is not his fault and his uncertainties are a consequence of those happenings. Once he accepts that, he is able to move on with his life and be with the woman he loves. Good Will Hunting is a movie that you wouldn’t ever want to get over.


If you have ever seen the iconic film, The Breakfast Club, I’m sure it must have touched a chord deep within. The film captures teen angst and the stereotypes that are attached to adolescents till date. The turmoil within each of the characters’ lives makes us draw similarities that we, as adolescents must have experienced at some point or the other. By the end of the movie, it is clear that the characters have a better understanding of who they really are and are ready to accept the fact that society will always see them the way it wants to and not for who they really are. The Breakfast Club gives you a wonderful insight into the various emotions that adolescents feel as a part of their growing years.

The-Breakfast-ClubWhen The Croods released, I initially perceived it to be a cute film for the kids and no more. But, the film has a beautiful underlying message that everyone in their life needs to incorporate. The Croods reminds us of the eternal bond that we share with our family and most importantly, it teaches us not to be afraid. It motivates us to live life on the edge, take risks and, to follow the sun (the light or hope) because, unless we take risks, we would never reach new horizons.

croods 2The list is endless but, a healthy dose is what I preach. I recommend these movies because I believe that they would change the way you look at your life. They would compel you to search for answers and look beyond what seems to be normal or real. These films would not only leave you content but, would also enrich your soul and leave an everlasting impact.