(This article contains some spoilers)

How I Met Your Mother – I take this name and I am attacked with mixed feelings. Throughout the nine years, this show had everyone glued to their TV sets only to disappoint a majority of them in the final episode.

The entire show being about how Ted Mosby meets “The Mother”, viewers expected a much better ending than Ted and Robin bouncing back together. After nine years of how Ted and all his friends became more responsible, mature and settled, all we actually got to know about the mother was in the final 30 minutes. The much loved one season long, Robin-Barney wedding falls out after just three years. They assure they will still be friends but flash forward and they are not. Barney goes back to being “HIMSELF”, wasting all the progress throughout the years only to mistakenly make a woman ¬†pregnant in a one night stand. Though, baby Ellie does provide the much wanted close to Barney’s character. Robin, a world-traveling reporter, almost never sees her friends again.

Now, be prepared for the last five minutes of the show. Tracy (Mother) was shown to be an incredibly charming person but in the finale, she was treated more like a obstacle to be overcome in order for Ted to finally reach Robin. After nine years of how Ted learned to get over such emotional dilemmas, Tracy dies and he goes back to Robin. The blue french horn takes over the much awaited yellow umbrella. This was an ending which nobody wanted for Ted. We loved Robin but we wanted Ted to have his own happy ending when she had clearly rejected him many times. I can not ignore it’s similarity with the ending of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Ted’s nine season long story seemed like a waste of time when he eventually had to do what he did in the very first episode.

Not a LEGEN – wait for it – DARY end for a show that deserved one.


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