To become a poker pro you must put a lot of effort. Most players fail often because they struggle to determine the most crucial sections of the game they need to improve on.

The best steps of becoming a poker pro:


It is not possible to fix mistakes that you do not know what they are. Evaluating the game is the main step of becoming a poker expert. Getting professional help is also recommended here. Find an expert who will coach you and analyze your game and point out your mistakes.

Ways of analyzing include:

Database analysis: If you are a beginner, you just need to filter the greatest winners and compare your results with theirs. If there is an area that has a huge difference, then that is the area you should concentrate more on.

Leak finder video: Record the playing sessions and watch later or ask a professional to review them. You will be able to see what areas you need to work on.

Hand history review: You can use a tracker to mark hands and you can simply pick the sections where you struggle so much. You can talk about your hands with an expert or post at a forum where you can get constructive responses.


After analyzing, write down your mistakes beginning the most serious ones. Prepare a plan of how to fix them. This is actually the best way to become an expert in all types of games including online craps. You may fix your mistakes through:
• Reviewing your hands in a certain area
• Posting at a forum where you get responses
• Watching training videos, reading articles that have useful strategies and so forth.

Master pre-flop strategy

If you do not play pre-flop well, you will not play post-flop well either.

To improve on pre-flop you must focus on:
• The hands to open with and the way to increase your range versus weaker players
• Ways of defending against three bets, ways of balancing ranges and exploiting the weak players
• Ways of defending blinds especially ways of changing your ranges facing other open sizing such as simple main raises, 2, 5x and 3x
To improve, you must have a balanced range. Mastering the pre-flop strategy will enable you to proceed well to the more exploitive play.

Know how to play versus different types opponents

This is a very crucial post-flop. The best assistance you can have here is gotten from your HUD. If your stats are good, you will see when:

• To play more passive or aggressive
• To c-bet less or more
• To bluff more or give up

In short, knowing the entire potential of your HUD is crucial.


That is how you become a poker pro. Also, you should remain consistent with your game routine. Just ensure you have enough time for learning how to improve and always believe in yourself.