It has been ten years since its release. Ten years since we saw one of the most iconic fashion films made in Hollywood. The Devil Wears Prada was and remains the perfect mix of fashion, romance, comedy and most importantly the relation between a cold hearted boss who is oh so hard to please and her assistant who will go to all lengths to prove herself. Thus, to celebrate ten years since the world was blessed with this classic, we bring you the reasons why we love this movie!

The Cast

21This movie had the dream team. The cast was put together by Emmy and Artios Award-winning casting director Ellen Lewis who casted for “Forrest Gump,” and “The Departed.” The cast of “The Devil Wears Prada” is pure genius. Led by, of course, Oscar winners Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, the cast boasts talent like Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci, Adrian Grenier, Traci Thoms, and Daniel Sunjata.  The film starred not only these but also “The Mentalist” star Simon Baker! To make the team even more desirable, there was some supermodel magic as Gisele Bündchen played the role of Serena, Blunt’s work BFF.

The Scripting

b355a29d59212c7cd2df351e92080c79 (1)Based on a bestseller, The Devil Wears Prada was the right mix of witty humour and a sarcastic take on the fashion industry, especially, the print part of it. The book was authored by Lauren Weisberger and had dialogues which are quoted till date. Some of the famous lines from the film are,

“Florals? for spring? Ground breaking.”

“I refuse to be sick, I’m wearing Valentino for crying out loud!”

The Fashion

anneandreaBasically, the most important part of the film! The movie had clothes, jewellery, shoes and bags the film created looks that are stunning to date. There were movies revolving around fashion like “Sex and the City,” and “Confessions of a Shopaholic” but none of the fashion in these movies was iconic. The looks created for The Devil wears Prada were not only iconic but such that they are inspiring us till today(ten years since, keep in mind).

The Screenplay

Side-by-sideThe movie was shot beautifully with a few scenes which were brilliant. One such scene was the transformation of Andy from an awkward girl with zero knowledge of fashion into a beautiful, confident woman. The scene, called the “vogue scene,” shows Andy (Anne Hathaway) as she struts her way to work in brand new looks. The scene takes place with Madonna playing in the back making it even more quick and fun. The scene shows us a brilliant transformation of Andy turning into a fashionista.

A Sarcastic Take on the Fashion Industry

aabdbaa90f444a54c0b5d0e8e8527420The film, through the character of Emily, showed us the bad side of the fashion industry in a witty and sarcastic manner. Emily, played by Emily Blunt, is a british girl who takes her love for fashion to an extreme. Her life revolves around the latest trends, diets and she does all in her power to remain a small size and stay thin. Emily is a self-obsessed woman who worships designers and brands while being a bully to Andy who has a low sense of fashion, the industry and is more clever and smart instead of being somebody who worships fashion.

Miranda Priestly

Devil-Wears-PradaMiranda is the reason the movie did as well as it did! Played by Merly Streep, Miranda is a cruel, sassy, cold yet so smart that you will forget the bad she says and does. Though Streep has played many roles(she has been nominated for 19 academy awards and won 3), the role of Miranda was different in a way that it was a classic. Nobody could have played this role any better. Miranda is a Runway Editor who is ruthless, cynical yet so loved but feared and worshipped that you cannot hate her.

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