Whenever our favorite book is made into a movie, we get really excited to watch it. But when you finally watch it and you realize that the major elements are missing, you are disheartened, right? well, I was too.

I love reading books and I am a huge fan of John green’s books. but whenever it is made into a movie something or the other is missing. Major example is Paper Towns.


Super excited to watch the movie(as I loved the book), I was greatly disappointed by the result. The time the movie started I felt like everything’s happening so quick that you start losing interest and start getting bored. Also, where did the Sea World scene go? duh! That was the scene in which Quentin and Margo get to know more about each other and it was so fun to read as well, and it was a major scene(as it covered a great part of the book). Why didn’t the directors even consider it. I mean, it was so romantic when they break into the Sea World and Margo gets bitten by a snake and Quentin sucks the poison. Isn’t it romantic? but anyways I guess the writers and the directors didn’t find it romantic. But whyyyy? The other elements that were missing is that Quentin finds Margo sitting in a office chair in a barn, writing a journal and sporting a new hairstyle while in the  movie nothing of that sort happens. Believe me, not even close.

Not only Paper Towns, but even The Fault in Our Stars had some missing elements. I loved the movie overall but with those scenes too it would have become the best adapted film ever.


A major scene in which Hazel hears the conversation between Augustus and his  mother and feels that something is wrong(before going to Amsterdam, when Gus gets to know that the cancer has taken over him again and is fighting with his mother to let him go). It was so crucial as in that scene we get to know that Augustus has still not recovered and is the turning point in the story. Also, Hazel’s friend Caroline, with whom she shared everything(her only friend) and seeks advice from was not even mentioned in the film. Where did Gus’s ex girlfriend go? Who had a huge impact on Hazel’s mind and she kept thinking about her. Duh! Even she wasn’t mentioned. there were some minor elements missing too which were not so important, so yeah that’s okay.

Another book of John Green Looking For Alaska (I love it too) is said to be being made into a movie too, which I hope would not miss the major elements and would turn out to be a great movie. Fingers crossed.