“F.R.I.E.N.D.S is like the Mona-Lisa of sitcoms.”

Though many weren’t even teenagers when it was on the air, network reruns have ensured that Friends will forever hold a place in our hearts. It represents the living situation we all wish we had, your best friend is your roommate, with more close friends just across the hall, and shows us the kind of closeness we hope to achieve with our friends in real life.

As show creator David Crane wrote, it’s about “a time in your life when everything’s possible. And it’s about friendship because when you’re single and in the city, your friends are your family.”

From its setup to its thematic interests, The Big Bang Theory can be think of as our generation’s Friends (personal opinion. don’t shout !). Both shows reveal a significant understanding of mutual concerns, such as establishing many relationships and building careers, through an expert combination of comedy and sincerity.

Characters Are in Familiar Stages Of Life

Both shows define 20s scenarios, some are newly married, some are dating, and some are single. They are all entering adulthood together. They fail and mess up along the way, but they’re united by a sense of not knowing exactly what the future holds.



Full Of Inside Jokes

Both Friends and The Big Bang Theory rely on humor generated by their characters’ larger-than-life personalities.Likewise, Monica used to be overweight or Sheldon’s quirks inside and out.



The Characters Grow Up Together

The characters on both shows are mature on an individual as well as on collective level, learning about themselves and each other more deeply as they go.


Similar Characterization

  • Ross is similar to Leonard. Both geeks ending up with a hot girl.
  • Rachel and Penny, the hot girl, who is the love interest of geeks in the series.
  • Howard and Joey, the flirty ones.



Both plots show a group of friends going through similar stages of life, including complications in job life, getting hold of their lives, moving towards a stable life and managing the complications of relationships and at the end of the day yet sitting together and enjoying food/drinks with them.