“With every discovery, there is risk, there is sacrifice and there are consequences”

character-bannerIt’s been ten years since Fantastic Four jumped onto the cinema but Marvel is at it again. With another production to be released soon, the expectations couldn’t get higher. The theme is the same as the first Fantastic Four that released in 2005, the origin of the four superheroes. Four young outsiders teleport to an alternate universe that alters their physical form in mysterious ways. Though the powers remain the same, the different cast adds quite a different angle to the over all picture.

Fantastic4DoctorDoomKate Mara, after her amazing performance in House of Cards takes the role of the Invisible woman substituting Jessica Alba, Miles Teller takes place of the super intelligent and logical Reed Richards, Michael B. Jordon replaces Chris Evans as the The Human Torch and the strong wood attire goes to Jamie Bell. The movie would be incomplete without the villain and replacing Julian McMahon, it is no other than Tobby Kebbell.

FANTASTIC-FOUR-8-1940x1204The first look of the upcoming movie is definitely appealing. As the years pass, the technology, the direction, the new talent does get better but in no way am I inclining towards the fact that modern makeovers are better because old is gold that implies more like old is classic. But the action does seem better in the latest production, the concept of Teleportation is one example of the modern creation. The action has been served on a higher scale but when you have movies like Interstellar and Gravity around the corner, you have to buck up and create the grand scenario. The cast is younger this time highlighting the young Hollywood talent. Peek into the love story isn’t quite that visible in the trailer and the amount of humor seems a little less comparatively with a greater focus turned towards the action primarily. It’s safe to say this latest edition is the contemporary take on the decade old legacy.

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