Since childhood, we have heard stories of beautiful princesses or should I say, damsels in distress being saved by their very own knights in shining armors. Somehow, in the olden times the society thought like that. Women were considered inferior to men. However, times are changing. Women are proving to be at par with men in every field. Therefore, in this modern society, we need a new fairytale. Disney’s “FROZEN” is just what the new generation kids need.

The story revolves around two sisters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa has magical freezing powers. When they were kids, they loved playing with these powers but one night, Elsa accidentally almost kills Anna. Magical “trolls” tell that Elsa’s power will only get more destructive and she is the only one who can control it. Anna’s memory is erased and Elsa is locked in a room. Flash forward. Elsa is crowned queen and Anna falls in “LOVE” with Prince Hans whom she just met. When Elsa rejects the marriage proposal, a heated argument takes place between the two sisters. She unknowingly freezes the kingdom and runs away. Anna follows and tries to find her with the help of Christoph. Elsa, again in a fit of anger, attacks Anna and this time freezes her heart. It is just a matter of time that Anna will completely turn to ice until and unless an “ACT OF TRUE LOVE” saves her. Hans comes along, captures Elsa and tries to kill her but Anna comes in between and freezes at that very moment. Not able to bear the loss, Elsa hugs her and mourns. This brings Anna back to life. And as it is said, “THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.”

imagesThere are many more elements in the movie which make it as great as it is. The music will definitely touch your heart and you will be humming it for a long time. The witty dialogues will force you to ponder. The amazing animation gives life to these characters. The details will leave you mesmerized.


Overall, it is an awe inspiring movie which you should surely watch with your family and friends. It will make you fall in love again with the magical world.

Some people are just worth melting for.

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