I came across a buzz feed last week about a couple marrying in Harry Potter style recently. Brought back all childhood memories. So, last night I sat binge eating on my bed and watching the Harry Potter Series on my laptop. I have always admired the book and the writings of J.K. Rowling. I might not be a fan boy but Harry Potter is one series that I can watch anytime and anywhere. ‘Always’, as one might say. Sure I have friends who are much crazier about it. At times all we end up talking about is Harry Potter and I always come to know something new about a character or a thing or a situation after the conversation. The story is addictive for me. An epitome of the fantasy world perhaps. I am always fascinated by how all these authors imagine a completely different world and make it sound so real, so believable and so engaging. Though I have never been addicted to any other Marvel or DC comics/character/series but Harry Potter is not just an engrossing story but also an inspiring one. Not only the book and movie but beyond that. The book was refused to be published by a number of publishers because the story line wasn’t thought to interest a lot of people. Pity on those publishers that the book came to be one of the best-selling fiction ever!download (4)download (5)All the Harry potter movies though capture the basic essence, though, they fail to show many important details in the movie, which leads to disconnect from the storyline at times. Nevertheless, the trio Danielle Radcliffe (HARRY POTTER), Emma Watson (HERMOINE GRANGER) and Rupert Grint (RON WEASLEY) manages to grip the characters and the interest of the audience. Pieces of the puzzles slowly fall in place with every part of the series. Though my personal favourite still remains the Philosopher’s Stone, other parts like chamber of secrets, goblet of fire, half-blood prince, deathly hallows do not disappoint a Harry Potter fan. Whether it be game of Quiditch, the search for the Horcruxes or any simple magic trick, all the movies in the series manage to capture them well. While one can see Harry develop as a Wizard, all the characters in the movie literally grow old with us. I still remember watching the Philosopher’s stone long back when I was a kid and so were all the main characters of the movie. The very instant I became interested in watching all the parts of the series.

The movie doesn’t only teach one that fortune favours the brave, it also teaches one how to stay brave. It makes it clear that a decision would never be easy to make and also that one always has a choice to make – to be good or bad. Victor Frankl, Psychologist and Holocaust survivor, in his famous article says that adverse situations will always be present but how to act in those situations is always an individual choice. You can either give up on a situation or learn how to fight it. Same applies to the movie and the real life perhaps. I hope all the Harry Potter fans understand how important bravery is. How important love is. How important sacrifice is. And how important friendship is! Expecto Patronum!imagesAlso Read – Harry Potter : A Deep Insight In Life