If you are new to the genre of anime, Death Note is probably the best series to start from. Do not judge this series from its general presentation, dynamic color schemes or the eccentric hair styles. Though it may not top the list of visual treats for the grown-ups but the plot simply is enough to grapple your interest. This tale, revolving around the theme of morals and justices, can be grouped under the category of supernatural and detective fiction. And those of you, who enjoy anime, Death Note is strongly recommended. There are no spoilers down the lines, read on.

death-note2Light Yagami, is the ‘perfect teenage’ boy- with a complete package of looks, brains and high grades. He is highly ambitious and has a top-notch IQ. His aspirations take a turn when he stumbles upon a Death Note dropped by a Shinigami (death-controlling creatures) from the realm of the afterlife. This super-notebook kills any human when his/her name, the manner of death and the time of death are scribbled in the notebook. That’s probably the easiest way invented for the massacre in the fictional world! Well, inspired by a newfound sense of justice and self- righteousness, Light starts his quest of creating a utopian world, only to cross the line of probity and become uncontrollable.

l-death-note-14078-1920x1200L is the detective who has posture problems, more than one sweet tooth and is the only match for the shenanigans of Kira (alias Light). Remarkably intelligent and inventive, L is often disliked by many for his unusual ways and lionized by almost everyone for his wits. He carries out his investigation in the most casual and unceremonious way possible.

Ryuk.full.1519231Ryuk is the Shinigami who sticks with Light only because he finds humans “interesting” and for his undeniable hunger for apples.

The plot is a cat-and-mouse chase and a battle of wits where both Light and L prove to be one step ahead of each other. The tightening suspense and the apt sound effects are going to tie you to your chair (or bed or couch or floor). The bulk and rampant killings by Light may make you uncomfortable but that’s what the highlight of the show is.. It’s not a mere passive entertainer but the underpinning moral lack of the protagonist and his obsession with power haunts you and forces you to question and think.

The complexity and the brainwork of the series is one of the major reasons for giving it a try. And who knows, the gothic look of the screenplay may even inspire the artist in you.

“Death Note is every bit of the hype, people. I cannot think of anyone with half a brain that wouldn’t love this series. (Then again, if you have half a brain, you probably wouldn’t be able to appreciate its brilliance.)— Melissa Sternenberg