Inception was at the very least, a feast for the eyes. Directed by ‘the’ Christopher Nolan who prefers physical magic to green screens and computers, his apt crew found creative and interesting ways to bring his ideas to life. Ambiguous ending or what not, director did a insane task of bringing his dream world to life, incorporating enough of a shared experience to take us along on his fantastic ride with inception. Here are some mind blowing and interesting less known facts behind the movie Inception.

Name them D.R.E.A.M.S.

1) If you take the first letters of the main characters’ names – Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal and Saito – they spell “Dreams”. If you add Peter, Ariadne and Yusuf, the whole makes “Dreams Pay”, which is what they do for a mind thief.


2) In an interview, Christopher Nolan explained that he based roles of the Inception team similar to roles that are used in filmmaking

  • Cobb is the director
  • Arthur is the producer
  • Ariadne is the production designer
  • Eames is the actor
  • Saito is the studio
  • and Fischer is the audience.

The Number Game

3) A series of numbers that keep appearing, on the front of the train the number is 3502, the taxi number is 2305 and the hotel room number is 5302.

4) Another series of numbers keeps appearing: the number that Fischer gives Cobb/Arthur is 528491, The two hotel rooms used are rooms 528 and 491, the number that Eames (as a woman) gives to Fischer is 528-491, the combination to the strongroom starts with 52, and the combination to the safe is 528-491. Its nothing but a just a prime number with non-repeating digits.


5) During movie production, details of the film’s plot were kept secret. Christopher Nolan, writer of the script, cryptically described it as a contemporary sci-fi action thriller “set within the architecture of the mind.”

Zero Gravity Scene

6) Cinematographer Wally Pfister explained that the zero-gravity hallway fight scenes were achieved by using “…massive, rotating sets that twisted and turned and forced Gordon-Levitt to maneuver with utmost caution. Five-hundred crew-members were involved in the scene, which took a full three weeks to complete.” The sets were built in a London airplane hangar, including a horizontal hallway that rotated 360 degrees, a vertical one and a set with steel trolleys to which the actors were attached by wires.


7) Ariadne’s hair is in a tight bun in the hotel sequence so filmmakers didn’t have to figure out how her hair should move in zero-gravity.

8) As told by Wally Pfister, Warner Brothers executives approached Christopher Nolan about making the film in 3D, but he refused the idea, claiming “it will distract the storytelling experience of Inception“.

The Background Song Mystery

9) The official length of the song that Inception revolves around “Non, je ne regrette rien”  is 2 minutes and 28 seconds. Inception totals 2 hours and 28 minutes. That’s not all, take a look a the translation of lyrics:

“I regret nothing/no, I have no regrets/I regret neither the good things that were done to me nor the bad things/They are all the same to me/…The past is payed, swept away, forgotten/I don’t care of the past anymore/I set my memories on fire/My agonies, and my pleasures/I don’t need them any more/Swept away in the agonies of love/Swept away forever, I’m restarting with nothing…”


10) Prints of the movie were shipped to theaters under the name “Hour Glass”.

11) Joseph Gordon-Levitt performed all but one of his own stunts during the fight scene in the spinning hallway. That’s daring !

Do you know any facts other than these, please share it with others.