Now on one side when we have superheroes trying to hide their real identity from the world, we also have Tony Stark who went to a big press conference and proclaimed that he was IRON MAN. Rarely are people lucky enough to be bit by a spider and do all the “superhero stuff”, but Tony Stark builds his own superhero. Any Marvel fan will vouch that the epic scenes from the three Iron Man movies can leave anyone spellbound. However, credit should also be given to Robert Downey Jr who did justice to the character and made it impossible for us to think of any other face suitable enough for this role.

Iron Man (2008)

iron-man-2008-00Genius Tony Stark, owner of Stark Industries, (a renowned weapon manufacturing company) goes to Afghanistan for a missile demonstration when he is attacked and kidnapped by a group of terrorists. When he regains consciousness, he realises that Yinsen, a fellow prisoner has fitted an electromagnet in his chest to avoid shrapnel pieces from wounding his heart. The terrorist leader forces him to build a missile for him but instead he builds an armour and an arc reactor to help him escape. When he arrives home, he rebuilds both of them flawlessly and decides that he will not allow his company to manufacture any more destructive weapons. After hearing this, Stane gets upset who is the company’s manager. He tries to rebuild the suit, failing which he steals the arc reactor. Tony and Stane get into a thrilling fight in which Tony defeats him. The very next day amidst a huge number of journalists,he declares that he is the actual Iron Man.

Iron Man 2 (2010)


After revealing his identity, Tony helps the government to maintain peace. He also notices that the palladium in his chest is slowly poisoning his blood. Enter Ivan Vanko, son of recently dead Anton Vanko who was Howard Stark’s erstwhile partner. Stark had to deport Vanko because he was trying to sell the technologies for his own profit. In order to take his father’s revenge, Ivan conspires against Tony. Justin Hammer (another weapon contractor) appoints Ivan to build armours which can compete Iron Man. Nick Fury (S.H.E.I.L.D’s director), notifies Stark about Anton.Fury also hands over to Tony some old items which belonged to his father. Tony then works out an element from it and solves his problem of palladium poisoning by replacing it. Hammer presents Vanko’s drones which are led by Colonel Rhodes (Tony’s friend) in an armour. Vanko takes control over all the drones and attacks Tony. He, with the help of Rhodes then kills Ivan and also the drones. In the end, both Tony Stark and Colonel Rhodes are honoured with medals for the awe inspiring heroic deeds.

Iron Man 3 (2013)

Iron Man 3 (2013) Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)

The movie starts with Tony recalling a New Years party back in 1999. He also remembers that in the party he met a scientist named Maya Hansen, who invented an experiment called Extremis which can help in recovering from disabling injuries. Aldrich Killian, a handicapped scientist wants them to work with him in his company but Tony rejects the idea and also humiliates him. Present Scenario. Tony experiences panic attacks and builds several Iron Man suits. After Tony threatens Mandarin (a terrorist group), his house is attacked by them. Hansen along with Potts survives and Tony Escapes in a suit. J.A.R.V.I.S lands the suit in Tennessee and it loses the power to go back to California. This forces everyone to think that he is dead. He then teams up with a local boy and realises that the bombings were caused by soldiers undergoing Extremis and the Mandarin attacks were being used to cover the faults in the research. He also comes to know that Mandarin is completely fake and Killian is the one behind the explosions from Extremis. Aldrich Killian kidnaps Stark and pressurizes him to fix the faults in his technology by subjecting Potts to Extremis. However, Stark runs away and joins hands with Colonel Rhodes and also discovers that Killian is planning to kill President Ellis on a flight. He succeeds in saving a few passengers on the flight but loses Ellis to Killian. He then finds Killian to save the President and Potts. After an exciting fight, they are saved. For Potts, Tony commands J.A.R.V.I.S to destroy all his suits. He then goes through a surgery to remove the shrapnel rendering his arc reactor completely useless. In the last scene, he projects the arc reactor into the sea and proudly says, “I will always be Iron Man”

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