Varieties are the spices sprinkled on one of the most entertaining things which no offense on god, but have been created by humans (i can finally be thankful to them). There are so many fantabulously made movies that sometimes the word ‘life’ sounds so short to me, just a four letter word i guess! When it comes to movies, my brain takes a 180 degrees turnover, just to face the wall of arguments on whether humans were created first or movies. Well sounds like there’s a symbiotic relationship between the two.


We have so far accepted the worst as well as the best of the movies of all time. There are so many of them to count on, in which ‘Udaan’ and ‘Shutter Island’ will surely hit the top-list. These movies are not only entertaining but will also make the viewers think about how beautifully reality and creativity can be fixed in a space of two hrs on a screen.

I believe in mood based reviews since movies change with moods and moods change with movies. There is something about movies which will make you laugh and cry at the same time (isn’t that magical).

My mood based review on ‘Udaan‘ includes a personal feeling with a professional touch.It is the most beautifully crafted movie with a mind blowing soundtrack. It tells about the connection between two generations, a sensitive and a strong relation between a father and a child…a child and his only big brother.


After watching this movie there was sense of freedom and passion in me at the same time…a sense of getting out of the veil. Well in my view its Bollywood beyond the bonds of creativity, its a perfect example of what we call ‘Bolly With Brains’.

Now lets rid to the tunnel of Hollywood s one of the best movie of all the time, ‘Shutter Island‘. What can i say about this movie its one of the best transformation of a beautiful novel into an amazingly personified movie. Unlike other movies which offer a quick and unsatisfied experience, this movie makes us ‘ the member of the family’. it brings a sense of suspense and horror at the same time.


This movie brings passion and intensity with a sweet touch of sarcastically moulted world. In short its Hollywood at its ‘Caprio’ best.

Finally i would like to end my topic of discussion by saying that ‘Keep calm and keep watching movies because they are the only way in which you can express as well as experience your feelings, all together. in one go’ .