maxresdefaultMovies have opened parachute of minds. Either it be story from old stone age or it be a story of new 3rd world nations. Movies have captured the entire timeline of human existence. They also have selectively picked information from all around the world and weaved them in string. For the people who have associated their entire life in film industry and media, it has become their lifeline. Nothing is more appreciable than knowing that passion has become their profession. They have lived each moment of their to the fullest and devoted every second in giving the imagination a real live platform.

It is said that “more you know about your past, the more you are prepared for future”. Since the time when human race has evolved, wars have been the core resident, they have fought the evil to bring out the shining armour. Apart from our books in school and stock of piles in library, movies offer a better understanding of our history.


For instance if we talk about “Escape to Victory“ released in 1981 and “The Keep” released in 1983, the critics for both of them says that they are conventional, but the way they are showcased is not. In one part of country the war was actually fought and in another a fictional one was depicted. To spread aware and giving them a caution message, these movies were bang on.

“The whole bloody war’s a regrettable mistake” from Escape to Victory.

Some of these movies leave long lasting impacts on our hearts. Many a times we look at the one facet of story and develop our opinions on the same. But there is more to a story, there is more than winning and losing, there is more to be unrevealed and there is more that we have to understand. There is more to learn from the hero and subsiding characters. These movies which were specifically devoted to display the condition, reasons and impacts of wars on human race and environment were more than a movie to everyone.

6639c5f8959617965c5bf4b68ffbfcc6“The Boy in Stripped Pyjamas”, “The Downfall”,” The Great Dictator”, “Lincoln”, “The Glass agency” and “Platoon” are some famous movies that have not only just captured our mind but also a life of a common man being ruined is screened. Not all changes are for good. Not all wars end the devil, sometimes somewhere they fuel the agony that it takes back seat in our heart. the innocence has been compromised for ignorance. As its said in “Pearl Harbour”, “There’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer” so is true for all time sake. It is necessary to remind time and again about the real heroes of country who risk their lives every second so that we can sit safely on our couch.  People with peculiar interests have opted to wait and watch for a classic war movie then to go with present trend.

The battle has continued since ages and it won’t cease.Earlier men used stone to fight with each other, then they used iron weapons and now they use high tech guns and tiny bombs to grave the world, they have never and never will, will leave the stains of hatred from  the world. What we have in our hands is to make and leave this world a little better than before.

Let’s not win minds by hurting a Heart !!