The NDMC is one of the initial 20 cities, which were chosen under Smart Cities Mission of the Ministry of Urban Development last year. From that point forward, the city body claims it has finished a sizeable piece of urban changes including sanitation, great administration and monetary supportability. There are many fields that were improved over a span of last few months whether it’s affordable and smart transportation system, efficient power usage, quality and ease of services like mobile phone network or waste management.

Aiming for ensuring access to quality services with just by tap on the phone, they are working a mobile application to digitizing every service. Spreading across household issues filing, birth and death certificates, bill payments, tax payment, searching emergency and other utility numbers and facilities, scheduling appointments and so on. The NDMC 311 app is already launched. By the end of this year, many more services like bus schedules are planned to be incorporated in the app. This app is not only helping citizens but the officials to track and take action on these services.

Checkout the video to know more about the NDMC 311 app:

Not just that, the application will likewise give real-timedata on trafficand parking circumstances in NDMC regions. Residents will likewise have the capacity to contact emergency divisions or associations for help through the helpline24 section of the application.

Considered as an intuitive native versatile application for tending to resident’s grievances, subjects of the city can hold up a protestation in regards to any city issue like potholes, refuse, unapproved development, tidy receptacles not cleaned, and so forth.

Once the grumbling is put together by anyone, the application will automatically course it to the appropriate office and produce a work arrangement that can be followed by both the division and in addition the complainant, who will likewise get automated notifications and updates.

In addition, the NDMC 311 application will enable nationals to investigate adjacent spots like open toilets, police headquarters, taxi stands, emergency services, Metro stations, healthcare services, oil pumps, tourist spots and so forth.

Apart from smart services access, the mobility, transport and traffic are being improved. Sensor based smart lights can be seen on many roads. Main highlights including landscapes, vertical greens, cycle tracks, street infrastructure, 3D zebra intersections will be included close by the streets, which will be smart parking system with sensor based technology. The 311 application will likewise give you a chance to book a parking spot anyplace in the NDMC zone and pay through e-wallet or netbanking.


Appointments for vaccination or from a doctor/specialist also should be possible through this application. To enhance health administrations, self service kiosk for patients and services modules have been actualized in all NDMC healing centers and facilities. With smart classrooms and digital libraries, there is a significant improvements in schools and students are getting benefits with them.

As planned, citizens living in the New Delhi territory too will have the access to real-time electricity consumption, management and monitoring. Targeting 40 MW solar power, they have managed to establish a good infrastructure for the start which is growing rapidly.

This brilliant mission is likewise making the employees of the committee smarter with global exposure and practices. Overall, giving them world class infrastructure to make the city world class.

In the following three years, living or working in New Delhi area may be a radical new ordeal. You will have the capacity to simply take out your phone and look for a public toilet, have clean drinking water and get affordable snacks and sterile napkins! Discover open parking around on your phone or video conference with a city body official in regards to damaged street road or non-utilitarian streetlight.