Just a few days back my younger brother was scolded because he was watching his favorite show instead of studying. I am not a hundred year old granny but this incident made me nostalgic and I embarked on a marathon of some of the classic shows which aired when I was a kid. Believe me or not but it was a good break from the conventional storyline of two people meeting and falling in love or a superhero saving the world from evil forces. The acting wasn’t perfect, there were loopholes in the plot and the fashion sense and technology was “OLD SCHOOL”. However, I would still recommend you to take a break and watch these classics, not because they will be the best shows you have ever seen but because they will remind you of your golden priceless childhood.


This show revolves around Fruity and her fairy godmother Sonpari, Fruity lost her mother when she was six and is hence guided by Sonpari to get over her loss. Together they undertake many adventures, defeating evil powers and restoring peace. The show did not get the proper ending it deserved but in the end, they live happily ever after. The show will surely put a smile on your face and you will find yourself repeating “Ittu vittu jheem patuta“.

AIRED                 : 2000 – 2004



This show was about Sanju, “jiska secret hai magic pencil.” Don’t you remember those creepy blue pencils with a clown head we had? Sanju lives the life of a normal kid when he gets a magic pencil. Whatever he draws with that comes to life. Using this pencil, he fights many criminals, saves his family and friends from ugly situations and fulfills the wishes of many kids. The theme song was a unique one where Sanju introduces himself, his friends and obviously his beloved magic pencil. The cuteness of the show was increased by Hansika Motwani playing the role of Karuna. Even after all these years, I still wish I had that magic pencil.

AIRED                 : 2000 – 2004


shaka laka boom boom3. SHARARAT

The protagonist of the show is Jiya who is endowed with magical powers on her 18th birthday. Her mother and grandmother are also fairies but to their dismay, unlike them Jiya’s magic always misfires. This show is about how Jiya deals with the struggles of her life just like any other girl and in the end marries the love of her life to live happily ever after. You will keep humming the theme song for a long time and will fall in love with magic all over again. Next time if you have any wish, just say ” Shring Bhring Sarvaling Bhut Bhavishya Vartman Badling (your wish) ” and Rani Devi will fulfill it.

AIRED                 : 2004 – 2010



This is the Indian remake of the popular show “SMALL WONDER”. Vikram, a scientist makes a human like robot, Karishma. He wants to know if she would be able to adjust in the human world. Vikram’s family accepts her as one of the members. Karishma in turn solves the problems faced by the family members and saves the day. This show, however, did not have a happy ending. The family moves to Silicon Valley leaving Karishma behind in a special lab. The last episode left the audience in tears. The cute robotic voice of “oh so adorable” Karishma will definitely touch your heart.

AIRED                 : 2003 – 2004



Vikraal aur Gabraal was a “CUTE” horror show centered around Gabroo wanting to becoming Gabaal – a ghost hunter. Vikraal, an experienced ghost hunter narrates stories of how he caught ghosts. When I was a kid, the stories seemed horrifying but now after having watched several horror movies like – The Ring, the stories aired here appear quite funny. The cuteness quotient is provided by Gabroo who is a dwarf and falls for pranks.

AIRED                 : 2003 – 2004


vikraal aur gabraal