What is Pulp fiction is still a question mark in the world and whenever it’s asked what the meaning is, they don’t have anything to say but “that’s a movie I guess”. That is the mark movie has left in the audience. Quentin Tarantino, the ultimate example of the successful independent filmmaker and Pulp fiction is one of his masterpieces. Its intravenous jab of callous madness, black comedy and strange unwholesome euphoric Movie ever seen, so what’s making this movie stand out from other indie movies?

Immortal Dialogues and Quotes

Dialogues, which become quotes! Yeah Pulp Fiction cooked such dialogues. They are not inspirational or emotional. They are just between funny and cocky and at some scenes you have to rewind and hear, ‘Ohh what did he just say?’

Magical movie of 90’s

Yes! It was like the magical movie as it changed the audience’s choice from boring sentimental and typical movies to these pop culture movies. All thanks to Pulp Fiction that it created such platforms for Indie movies

Violent yet Quirky and Funny

If you are the first timer who is watching Pulp Fiction you will stick to the screen without even taking a Popcorn break, its package full of quirky criminals, funny jerks, violent leader and sexy women

Puzzle to solve

Who doesn’t like the movie where you have to solve something, a mystery, a history or a criminal story? The characters’ relationship with each other is at first mysterious and baffling. The violence of the movie is shocking and brutal. There is a tinge of dark humor and surprisingly a mystery which is like a pulp with no perfect shape or size.

Great Actors

John Travolta plays the role of Vincent Vega, the total funny Jerk without whom the movie would have been lifeless. Uma Thurman Playing the role of merciless criminal’s Wife, Mia Wallace, perfect fit for her character. Samuel Jackson, who can forget him and who would have thought that he can play that role. The rest of the cast was wholesome package and perfect fit for Pulp Fiction, though the story was written for different actors but the one who played did the total justice to the movie.

There Will Never Be a Better Indie Film than Pulp Fiction.It’s a classic. It can be regarded as a legendary in the pop culture of 1990’s as there are many movies made inspired from this epic pop-culture.

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