In this competitive world, it is hard to say that who is better and who is not. People today have become so focussed towards their goal that they work day in and day out to turn the dream into a reality. They say, “There is enough Sunshine, for everyone”, and so I believe. There is enough for all the people to be satisfied about, if one strives, one can surely achieve. Struggle opens a lot of doors that we are even unaware about. Talking about the film industry, because this article has to be related to movies, we have many living examples of the same. Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Vidya Balan are few epitomes of people making it to the industry without any inside support, prior experience. Just loads and loads of hard work and a pinch of luck. It is true not everyone can be them, but one doesn’t to reach that high to attain satisfaction. But one surely needs that amount of struggle to be able to say to oneself that ‘I tried well, No Regrets’.

Success does not come easy and failure isn’t easy, but what defines a human being is the humility one keeps during both. Vidya Balan, one of the most stunning actresses of the contemporary times, is someone anyone would exchange lives with. The struggle she has done to reach a level where she can pull off solo movies with her immense screen presence and stunning performance is something she has gained during her journey. Playing one of the daughter’s in the popular Hindi tv show ‘Hum Paanch’, the lady has come a long way where she has been able to pull off roles ranging from an ideal in Parineeta to a bold character in ‘the Dirty Picture’. It won’t be wrong if we compare her choice of roles to those of Amir Khan, if we talk about variation and variety in Bollywood. No one killed Jessica, The Dirty Picture, Kahaani, Bhool Bhulaiya, Parineeta are only a few examples of the amazing performances delivered by this beautiful lady!

download (10)Vidya Balan has been criticized at many times in Bollywood due to her weight, her dressing sense and even her hairstyle. I even remember her receiving a ‘Golden Kela Award’, awarded for the worst performances, at one of the award shows for ‘Hey Babyy’. Well, as much as I agree that this Sajid Khan ‘no brainer’ should have received this honour, I even understand that every actor takes their time to understand themselves and settle in the industry. Somehow, Vidya did. She has managed to turn her ‘weaknesses’ into her ‘Strengths’! Something that is worth learning from the strong-headed, bold actress. Her choice of roles have been equally motivating.

Where in No One Killed Jessica, she teaches us to stand up for what is right, and what we believe in, on the other hand the Dirty Picture tells us that an individual need not listen to what the world says and be bold and strong from inside. A human must be correct in his own ways, people are upset with the God too! Parineeta tells us the essence of relationships and Kahani symbolises the strength of a woman. The thriller, Kahani, is perhaps one of the best performances of Balan and also one of the ladders that led to her huge success. The story about an {Inspector} who disguises as a pregnant woman only to get justice for her family. Shot in the streets of Kolkata, Kahani, is perhaps one of the best thrillers India has produced in a long time. Until the last scene no one is able to guess the suspense and when it unveils everyone is left in awe.

Vidya Balan is an inspiration to many. The story of her ‘Rags to Riches’ life has been nothing less than a motivation for one to aspire for big goals and work towards them. She epitomises the fact that no role is small and that one day everyone can achieve what they want. It is all about not fearing, accepting what comes your way, dealing with precision and persistence, and coming out a winner in the end!download (9)

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