Health and lifestyle are two things that we care about but they have a profound association. On the off chance that you are sound you have a tendency to take a stab at the consistent advancement of lifestyle. Then again, on the off chance that you are having a rich way of life however no concentration towards health, at that point it can cause a major issue. Lifestyle is not just what you show or appear to the outside world. Rather it is the thing that you are in genuine and how you act to a circumstance.

Even if you have good surroundings outside for a healthy lifestyle, you might be ignoring the hidden or unwanted threats when you surrounded by four walls. This is the one thing you shouldn’t ignore. It is not just about your wellbeing. And just to take a good care of you, things like Royale Atmos are presently a reality. As a matter of fact, it is something that worries about the wellbeing of your entire family. You as living being have all rights to clean air. So what do you think? Does your home have fresh unpolluted air to breath? Not sure if you are living in a urban city. Whether it’s your office or the big malls you tend to visit on weekends, they lack fresh unpolluted air.

As being part of the modern high tech fast moving society you need to focus on this scenario because it directly affects your health and hence will soon affect your lifestyle. You need to take into account the surroundings and observe the main factors that might be the cause for this contamination of air inside your home or office. It’s chance we make a move to influence our air to clean for our own particular health. Be it dust, skin particles, smoke or whatever else, everything can be the cause for this contamination and incurs significant effect on our health. So, listing down common practices.

Avoid burning of trash – This is very common practice. People burn trash on their house’s terrace which creates harmful pollutants that get mixed up in air.

Avoid use of harmful chemicals – Do not use pesticides or chemicals which produce polluting gases. Rather you can use natural products for the same.

Minimize smoking – It’s hard for people who smoke to stop smoking, so minimizing it will definitely help you as well as your beloved ones.

Make sure of proper ventilation – One the ways to avoid bad air to get trapped inside your home, proper ventilation is must. It will help in fresh air circulation.

Take steps to reduce air pollution such as car pooling for office commute, less use of fuel, using electric cars, less smoking.

Indoor air is much more harmful as we remain more indoor than open air. In actuality, indoor air can be five times more destructive than outdoor air. So, it is need that have to be a priority. Royal Atmos is one of those innovative initiative by Asian Paints which will help in providing fresher air indoors. After all, its well being of you and your loved ones and change can start with each individual.

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