Did you ever feel that nature is toying with us? We say so since a large portion of us get attracted to individuals who are particularly not like us.Having said that, wouldn’t it be a delight and significantly less untidy if we had a tendency to be attracted to those with similar personalities like ours and not be a total inverse? Particularly given the slant that is by all accounts present in many people to see the way that we are as the correct way and to attempt to impact the other individual to wind up more as are we, instead of the other way around. It’s beyond any doubt that opposites being drawn to one another can make for some ‘interesting’ dialogues.

As many of us know, the differences can and do appear from various perspectives. Opposites, or say compliments do attract. There’s no denying something in us is attracted to personalities who counter some of our predominant slants with integral propensities. Keeping in mind this can give rise to some fascinating difficulties for many couples, these distinctions are really the wellspring of what is considered by numerous to be an essential aspect of any successful relationship: chemistry. Chemistry alludes to that undefinable quality that is the premise of the fascination that fills the drive to be attracted to another.

So what do you get from a couple which has great chemistry but are completely opposite in nature?

A lot of web series are going on these days with similar themes of modernism and youth culture in India. One such series is ‘Lost & Found’. It follows the lives of two completely opposite people, one is a super-geek man and another is a run-away bride.

After gaining excellent response from viewers for its original web content in past, SonyLIV rolled out ‘Lost & Found’ on 18th July, 2016 which is available on SonyLIV mobile app and also on the website. A new episode will be released each week on Monday.


The web series is directed and produced by KaizadGustad, which revolves around the lives of two people who are experiencing a crisis in their lives.Unexpected turns they take lead to interesting series of events. The web series showcases how these events occur in the life of these two in an exciting way. This is the web series debut for Kaizad Gustad.

Lost &Found’, starring Faraz Khan along with Poppy Jabbal as lead actors, will surely engage the youth with its exciting and real-life like experiences. Each episode is 15 to 20 minutes long and leaves us excited for the next. I hope we someday get to see similar themes on television. But until then, my laptop and mobile will have to do.

Those who have already watched it, please feel free to share your take on the web series in comments.