hero_EB20100414REVIEWS100419986ARAfter a long and tiring day I decided to sit down and watch a movie with my friends which gave me a kick. I wish I could tell where I got the kick but I think, perhaps, that would be clear by the name of the movie itself, “KickAss”. A story about a normal kid who is stunned or for the lack of a better word awe-struck with the idea of becoming a Superhero. Somehow he begins his journey with a lot of courage and slowly his idea starts moulding into some shape when he meets the Hit Girl and Big Daddy, who are looking for their own revenge! Being a superhero is a dream for all but no one really works for it. This phrase is what covers the whole idea of the movie KICK ASS. In an attempt to awaken the hero inside you, the movie is made very different from the other superhero action starrers that involve a well-thought plot about how the superhero attains his/her power. To become a hero neither you have to be bitten by a spider nor you have to be from a different planet, neither you have to be ultra-rich nor technically very sound. All you require is one bold step, courage, and the belief that you can do something greatdownload (1). I wouldn’t say that the plot of the movie is completely realistic or believable but the message it brings across is very well applicable in real life of each and every individual reading this article. Yes, perhaps one more thing that is needed along with all that courage and belief is Sensibility. Though I am a great fan of the movie, I would still not suggest you to just randomly barge out of your house and start fighting ‘criminals’, punis hing the wrongdoers and trying to save the needy; but what you can do is to try and be sensible about these situations. Perhaps, if you understand that something is out of your power and capability it is better to seek help for the same. It is better to shout out, call the cops or run for help. It is a pure misbelief that with no power there will be no responsibility on one’s shoulder. The mere fact that every one of us is a human, a citizen of a nation puts a lot of responsibility on our shoulders.

To quote Mr Shahrukh Khan from Chennai Express, “Never Underestimate the Power of a Common Man”.

In daily life, everyone can be seen performing an act which is psychologically termed as ‘By-Stander Effect’, which means to merely observe any kind of adverse situation thinking that someone else might help if it is needed but not volunteering for the same.download (2) The day all these by-standers decide to stand up and solve each and every problem they have, complains and miseries will reduce to a great extent. Without any extreme drama, action or visual effects, the flick with its smooth, and subtle humour will once force you to question yourself and ponder upon whether or not you have something to become a superhero!
Such unconventional stories strike much faster to an individual rather than any other seen, repeated story line in a movie. Another unusual ‘superhero’ story I would like to suggest is Will Smith starrer “Hancock!” Though somehow, I expected the twist to the story to be a little more on the radical side still it is a must watch movie where the ego of the powerful somehow portrays him as the villain to his own people… or the people he thinks are his own! The movie has an intriguing story line and like all Will Smith movie’s is a Must Watch!

  • Jyoti Verma

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