Its the remake of South Korean Movie Montage which was released in the year 2013 for which the lead actor Amitabh Bachchan had taken the copyrights for the film & then it was purchased by the Kahaani director Sujoy Ghosh.

The movie starts with the entry of John Biswas enjoying his time with his granddaughter Angela in flashback followed by the present time police headquarters in Kolkata along with the entry of two investigating officers Martin Das who was earlier in charge of the case & Sarita Sarkar who was currently working as an officer.

TE3N is the story of John Biswas whose eight-year-old granddaughter Angela is kidnapped & killed. Even after eight years of it & the police investigations under Officer Martin Das, they were not able to find anything due to which the killer is roaming free around, but John Biswas is in no mood to leave the killer free and wants to track the killer anyhow at any cost.

Officer Martin Das was also disturbed due to Angela killing as, during his investigations,his other officer took over him on the case & left him helpless alone, so he left the duty of police officer & became a Christian priest to get peace of mind, or can say to escape from his guilt or mistake during his investigations & say the same to John Biswas to leave the matter as it’s been eight years long when he came to Father Martin during Christmas eve along with a possible clue of the kidnapper of his granddaughter Angela.


Sarita Sarkar comes to Father Martin Das for asking his help in a new kidnapping case of the grandson of Manohar Sinha which took place the same way which was done eight years back of Angela.

Martin Das then to ignores it & take the case lightly only during few situations where he feels & realize that the same way was done eight years back after which he too starts investigating & helps Sarita.

During the investigations Sarita Sarkar is using her ideas & thinking,Martin Das is not accepting points of her happily as he keeps on pointing mistakes of her one by one the other possibilities & chances,also the way she is thinking may also be wrong.

As the officers are investigating the current kidnapping case,John Biswas is also trying to investigate on his own to find each & every clue possible to reach the kidnapper of his granddaughter Angela.

Will the both investigations have anything common & will the two results meet at the same conclusions in the end?

So if it was done the same way which was done eight years back & the kidnapper was still roaming free,will this be same the second time too?

Will John Biswas’s hunt of the eight-year end if the officers find out the kidnapper of his granddaughter Angela?

Will the child kidnapped be killed like Angela or will the officers manage to save this time?

This is all that leads to a thrilling Climax of an edge of the seat thriller TE3N.

The way of investigating by Martin Das & John Biswas will leave you thrilled & the chase is also superb, will keep you awaits with a twisted interval portion & post interval its filled with classy investigations.

Final Verdicts : 3.5/5
Edge Of the Seat thriller filled with powerful performances of acting powerhouses who just excelled in their characters. If you love investigation type of thrillers then this is a bonanza for you all.

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