You need a good laugh? Go and watch an Adam sandler movie. He has the art to make people laugh. His accent, his dressing sense, his jokes or his personality there is something about this man that leaves an impression on you. If you are looking for things to make sense then this is not your cup of tea, just open the doors of your brain and have a good laugh. Watch one of these insane comedies and thank him for his effortless timing and humour which just comes out of him naturally.

Grown ups


This one will definitely remind you of your school times and your old buddies. The five friends meeting after 30 years to celebrate the 4th of july actually make you miss your old friends. Also seeing everyone after a long period and stilling pulling off the old jokes kind of gets really exciting!

That’s my boy

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From the concept to the execution this movie makes me just laugh and wonder. The kid getting his teacher pregnant and after ten years settling up things with his son is pretty intensely funny. From the earring to vanilla ice this movie is totally worth a watch.

Billy Madison


Another classic by Sandler. This movie is a must watch where Sandler goes back to school in order to win back his father’s hotel empire from the evil vice-president of the company, which he lost being wicked and irresponsible. Also the surprising jokes and great cast makes it a fun ride! This one turned out be a good one for Sandler as well as he got the MTV best comic timing award for it.

You don’t mess with the Zohan


In this movie Adam being all wicked and funny played an Israeli special agent who fakes his own death and starts working as a hairstylist in the United States. The sort of “super powers” he has in the movie just adds more fun to it.

Anger Management


Well, Sandler with his excellent acting skills and comic timing as a crazy angry man gives life to the movie. This angry and violent man will make you laugh till you choke. The monk fight is the cherry on the top making it a big piece of cake.

The Wedding Singer


The plot of this movie is set in the 80’s which gives it the grace. It’s a love story of a guy who once wanted to be a rockstar but then settles down as a wedding singer which results in a failed relationship. After which Sandler find love as the waitress of the hall where he performed. The chase down to get the girl is quite interesting, keeping Sandler in mind.

Happy Gilmore


Well acted by the man, truly showing his skills and versatility. This movie is about a rejected hockey player who is about to get homeless tries his hand in golf and becomes the ultimate golf champion. Light hearted comedy films which will definitely make you laugh.

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