Christopher Nolan’s latest space trip ‘Interstellar’, is the strangest cinematic experience you will have had since Nolan’s Inception.

There are no spoilers in this post. In fact, we strongly advise you to read this before going to see the film.

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Interstellar is based on real, scientific and space concepts like stars, gravitation. spinning black holes, and time dilation. And if these terms look alien to you then you probably will miss some of the happening going on in the movie. But no need to worry, we have compiled a brief concepts walkthrough.

Spinning Black Holes

Neutron star is present at center of every black hole which is known for its spin. They are dense enough producing spinning black holes.

Now the point is they warp the space around them differently than stationary black holes. Confused !?. The spinning black hole you see in the film is surprisingly scientifically accurate.



There are no observational evidences of warm holes but this gives a theoretical edge to film makers to use in Sci-Fi movies by adding some exciting twist.

Wormholes are essentially shortcuts through space. A wormhole is a fold in the fabric of space (and time) that connects two, otherwise extremely distant, regions in space, which enables space explorers to travel long distances over a short period of time.

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Artificial Gravity

You may be knowing about zero gravity in space and humans are adapted to earth’s gravitation. So we need some artificial gravity in spaceships.

One way is to rotate the spacecraft, as in the film. The rotation creates a centrifugal force, that pushes objects to the outer walls of the spacecraft.


Gravitational Time Dilation

This is a real phenomenon that has been observed on Earth. As you might know that time is relative that is time runs at different rates for different reference frames. Like if you’re in a strong gravitational field time runs slower for you relative to people in a weaker gravitational field.

Like in the film, if you are near a black hole, your gravitational reference frame is different than someone standing on Earth. The gravitational field near black is much more than earth’s gravitational field.

Five-Dimensional Reality

To solve out the unified theory problem, one way is to treat our universe as if it actually functioned in five dimensions, instead of the four-dimensional universe Einstein developed in his theory of relativity, which is combination three-dimensional space with one-dimensional time, space-time.



Hope this might help you understanding the film a better way. Good Luck !

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