All those of you who are ardent fans of Hindi or English language cinema are probably aware of the huge difference in the treatment of men and women on the screen. Even Hollywood, which is considered more liberal minded and progressive than its counterparts, suffers from this injustice. Most commercial films usually objectify and sexualise women’s bodies in a way that they are reduced to mere showpieces. In such an industry, it is exceedingly difficult to create a realistic woman character that is human and flawed instead of being saintly or overtly sensual.


However, in the business of Hollywood, there are many women who are taking up society by a storm. One of the most popular feminist voices is the comedienne Amy Schumer. She is known for being a stout supporter for gender and social equality and has been an inspiration for the movement against slut and body shaming. Her recent venture, which she has both written and starred in, is another fine example of the wit and fierceness which she is famed for. ‘Trainwreck’, which released on August seventh, is a hilarious and crazy entertainer with some very real moments.

The story of ‘Trainwreck’ directed by Judd Apatrow, is a clichéd and over used trope with a twist. Usually a film revolves around a commitment phobic man who sleeps around with several women and is made out to be a stud. That is, until something happens and an extraordinary woman comes into his life and domesticates the so called play boy after which they live happily ever after. Well the story of ‘Trainwreck’ starts out like this but with the roles reversed. Amy Schumer, who plays the character of her namesake Amy, is a regular American woman with a strong personality who is also a sexually free woman who doesn’t believe in monogamy.

trainwreck 3The interesting thing about her character is that although she is portrayed as a vivacious and headstrong woman, the fact that she sleeps around with people in inappropriate situations (like when she is dating someone), is never moralised or shown as acceptable simply because she is a woman. The fact that her actions have consequences and that her sexual escapades hurt her loved ones, is called out for what it is. Her character goes through phases of confusion, insecurity and denial, and the movie shows these moments in a realistic way without shying away from becoming serious.

trainwreck 4The ensemble supporting cast is also excellent and there are many famous exploit the audience’s easily manipulable emotions, there are some warm and personalities like John Cena and LeBron James, whose roles are more than just cameos and actually make the audience feel something. Overall although there are many parts of the film that use classic romantic comedy tropes and genuine moments in the film. So watch it if you’re interested in a funny and comparatively honest depiction of an adult’s insane rollercoaster of a lovelife and more.