Travelling has a charm and fun of its own but it is lost when the person who is with you you turns out to be nothing but a menace. The great advantage to traveling alone is being able to meet and interact with other travelers and (better yet) “locals”. There are few tips or hacks (whatever you want to say it), they might give some extra edge.

Study local etiquette before going far down this path.  It is advisable to be familiar with norms for interaction with people who are younger or older than you, and people of the opposite gender.

Traveling alone is okay, explain that to your family and friends

This is one of the toughest part of traveling alone. They need to understand that travel, especially solo, isn’t dangerous. The best way is to show them what you are actually doing and its fun and safe. Show them your itinerary, use social media to post updates of where you are. Let them in on your plans.

Cut down the costs wherever you can

As you know double occupancy can be annoying as hell. And if you go for a solo, it becomes an expensive cost. All these places charge you very high. so you have to learn to bargain over the room rate. Its is always beneficial to do some homework and book your accommodations in advance for best possible prices. Same goes for travel, hitchhiking is adventurous. But at least get some alternatives too just for backup.

If you are traveling abroad then go for International Flights and if you want to explore your own country then here are the options for Airlines.

Its alright to dine alone

Some people have fears of dining alone but don’t worry its not that hard or boring. It’s really easy. Go for the seat bar rather than table. Talk to the bartender if you are ok. Or you can grab the taste of eating street food in the country you’re at. It’s convenient to blend in with other solo travelers.

Open yourself up to meeting/talking strangers

Get used to smiling at everyone you meet. A smile will always garner good response. Go ahead and start with a casual appreciation of the weather.

Keep a book with you always

Its better to have a good book with you always. May you want to kill some time here and there, then it will help you. It also lifts up your mood incase you are feeling low or feeling bored.


Secure your belongings and yourself

Do not take the things you don’t need. Carry only important and necessary things. If possible always use your front pockets rather than back pockets to avoid pickpocketing. You can put your valuables in hotel lockers. Avoid extremely crowded areas if you can.

Always use common sense and trust your gut instinct. If it feels wrong don’t do it. Make friends and explore with them.

Make copies of your documents

Just in case you lose them. Always prepare backup copies. You can use any cloud storage like drop box and Google drive to have a back of these documents digitally.

So good luck with your solo adventures. You are on your own !

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