Be it younger or older we are all looking for happiness but sometimes at the wrong places. Life seems difficult to live with each passing day.  But the truth remains still and painful that is that there is no escape to it. We have to breathe and let it go when hanging on it becomes non essential. In all these days when work and carrier has become the priority, when knowing where the shares are shooting, when knowing where the position of promotion is favorable, has all become the preference or better has been all replaced by a morning cup of coffee, by a long night under stars, by a long drive on Saturday evening and by drenching in rain. The wait for summers seems so long but when they are finally here, we look forward to autumn. We have a tendency to move, we have a tendency to chase the new and better.
This movie shares the journey of a girl who is one in all and is all in one. We see the same girl in all of us. We reach a point in life where all things fall apart and when we are on verge of rebound; they reflect in. When past becomes the biggest nightmare and mightiest future become grey and pale. We all have drawn invisible curtain to our lives, here we are doing what we want to but might not do what we are best at, and that is being the true version of ourselves. We have started loving the count of balance in account more than true words of wisdom from honest critics.13slid2Age really doesn’t matter till you stay young at heart and it’s the key meaning screened in it. For once when professional and personal life is rolling high and all balls are in your court, then the life take U turn, and bring you back where you were 5 years ago, amateur and struggling. You get mentally harassed at your work place and emotionally in your personal phase, when the man walks over you, as if you never existed.” Discard my stuff, he says like he discarded me”. Why is she suffering when she was right, why tears are staining her pillow when she had been the reason for many smiles, why is she been cheated when she has fought for justice and why happiness is a hollow word in her life when she has lived with it all the way?  Some questions are never answered and acknowledged. We either satisfy ourselves or just get used to the silence and wandering thoughts in mind. When the mind and heart are in contrast with each other and we are lost in a way and everyone around us fail to understand. 253809-turning-30 “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets” says rose in titanic.
Isn’t it really true? We show others what we choose to show, to know us, one has to dig deep and undergo the layers of unsaid feelings. In the city of strangers, friends are the only family. When it comes to understanding terms of life, either we take 30 years or sometimes just till the last breath.

Holding a candle of hope for him to return is what we all do, waiting for miracles and experiencing a fairly written fairy tale. Life slaps the reality check on us and again we keep it passive and actively ride away. People advise to let go and move on but here she answers it best you think it’s so easy to move on, am I suppose to just switch on and off, is it so technical. In my head I was married to him. Why should I let go what was mine, the time to let go is over.”
May be it’s just a movie but to many out there, she says what we feel here.
“Who has ever really understood a woman’s broken and wounded heart and who knows that how long will it take to heal, I was truly alone and it didn’t matter anymore.” imagesThe insecurity and duality within us never ceases, we still ask ourselves will he love us when we have wrinkles, are we what we want to be, have we missed the bus, why is turning a year older is so hard.
Wearing a silk gown, heels and letting your hair down makes you feel like your dreams can true. The kohl in eyes and flash in smile hides all sorrows and make you feel young again. Don’t hold yourself back and hide in your invisible comfort hole, reach out, voice your words and soak beauty in eyes. For a while forget this very regular day and greet the monsoon your way.

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