tumblr_ngqw0mxTPI1rm3vt1o1_500Have you grown up watching Disney cartoons and movies?

Can you ever forget the characters of “Mickey Mouse’ or ‘Donald Duck’ and the smile they brought to your face?

Do you often re-watch Disney movies?

The universal answer to these questions, without an iota of doubt, is going to be the single word- yes! Disney patently has made a huge impact on the lives of umpteen generations of children and adults combined.

Why Disney?

For kids, Disney holds a special charm with its vibrant and engaging screenplay. The prepossessing and iconic Disney characters are hardly ever considered fictitious. Full of quirky humor and wholesome messages of moral and goodness, it rules one’s childhood. And of course, who won’t be enthralled by talking animals, beautiful prince/princesses and magic! To adults, such hocus pocus and mandatory happy endings might appear balderdash, but once in a while it feels purgatory to escape the reality (adult life, gosh!) and float free with the wild imagination, no? Disney, my friend, is medicinal indeed.

176669ac-f1df-4806-8001-6ab0752f4b15What in Disney?

It is extremely difficult to pick any one or two or three Disney movies while drafting a favorite’s list. Be it animation or live- action, it provides a wide-range platter of entertainment for every gender and age-group. From the classics like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping beauty, Aladdin, Peter Pan or The Little Mermaid to sui generis concepts of Ratatouille, Mulan, UP and Big Hero 6, each movie in itself is a delight.

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Each movie, without fail, comes with a moral or lesson. They are about the belief that light comes at the end of every tunnel. Such optimism, however rudimentary it may seem, is a much-needed break we all require. Let’s look at some of the inspirational artwork:

Finding Nemo (2003)

grid-cell-24040-1428094658-12Who can ever forget the spirited character of Dory, the fish! The friendliest fish, suffering from temporal memory loss, never quits, inspire others with her ebullient nature. (*Important: Finding Dory is an upcoming movie, releasing this summer. Set up your reminders, pals.)

Mulan (1998)

grid-cell-15406-1428094635-28Breaking the cliché of delicate darling as the protagonists, Mulan comes out as one of the most empowered and strong Disney female characters. (Others include Merida from Brave, 2012 and Elsa from Frozen, 2013)

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Peter Pan (2003)

grid-cell-5364-1428094055-12Conveying the most indispensable message of never growing old.

maxresdefaultOh, Disney. Everything comes with cons and Disney, here, is largely considered as problematic. It is often termed as anti-feminist, racist and lashed for promoting gender stereotypes. It is full of men in shining armors riding white horses and damsels in distress waiting to be rescued. It is also true that there are not always happy endings in real lives. And magic is a myth. But, not indulging in a secondary critical analysis, and leaving behind cynicism, Disney, at the most basic level, is the celebration of childhood, a gateway to the unbounded imagination and a refuge from despair.

So, are you Team Disney?

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