Ladies, Gentlemen, and my fellow comic book geeks. The day we’ve been all waiting for a very very long time is just around the corner. 2016 is unofficially and unanimously the year of  the Superhero movies. And that’s just when the year has just reached its second month. This month we have Deadpool. Not just because Deadpool might the coolest superhero ever to feature in a movie, but because it’s the first domino to fall in the domino stack of all Superhero movie releases this year. Batman vs  Superwan, Civil War, X Men: Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, Gambit, Doctor Strange, Sinister Six. All in 2016 *wolfwhistles*. Billions were made, billions will be made again. Because a Superhero movie is the most successful genre of movie films ever. Or is it? While lately we’ve seen a lot  Superhero movies that have hit homeruns with the fans, there have been several of them which were so bad, that they striked out. So grab a tub of popcorn and make yourself comfy, while we count down the 10 biggest Superhero movie duds that have ever been released.

Spider-Man 3

spider-man-3First name on the list, and I can already hear the gasps. Everybody loved the Tobey Maguire starring Spiderman trilogy. And it was a commercial success. However, looking beyond all the hype and fandom, the movie was actually the same ol’ stretched out plot of Peter-Mary Jane love circle and the complete waste of perhaps the greatest Spidey Villain, Venom.

Fantastic Four (2005)

fantastic-four-2005The Fantastic Four is by far one of the most iconic super-groups in the comic book history. Heck, they’re so big that even Spider-Man tried joining them once. So it was complete disrespect when they thought that a star-studded line-up of actors could compensate for the lack of a compelling storyline. Well, they thought wrong.

Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer

silsurferSo the prequel bombed with the fans? Let’s just add another iconic comic book character ( Silver Surfer) to the cast, and let’s just hope that THIS TIME it compensates for the lack of a compelling storyline . Wrong again.

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daredevil-movieBen Affleck holds the privilege of holding dual Superhero roles : Daredevil and Batman. However, he’d gladly wish it was just Batman on his resume. Already in a free falling stage of his career, Daredevil only made the fall even faster. Boring, Gloomy and poor story writing.  Thank god the new Daredevil TV series didn’t take a leaf out of the movie’s book.


elektraSo after Ben Affleck, it’s his ex-wife who gets to grace the list. When this movie came out in 2005, a lot of people were left wondering: Who is Elektra? And why did they even make movie on her? However once everybody saw the movie, there were no questions as to why it bombed.

X Men : Last Stand

x-men-the-last-standThe first two X-Men movies brought so much promise, that there were huge expectations from the third film. The new director Brett Ratner was brought in, and he tried to pack as much action as he could per square inch of the reel. The result: A chaotic third instalment to one of the best Superhero Movie series. Call it the ‘Curse of the Trilogy’ if you like.

Superman Returns

superman-returnsAfter Christopher Reeve had immortalised Superman on the silver screen, everybody couldn’t wait for the next Superman movie to release after nearly two decades. When it was released, it blew everyone’s mind  away with its cutting edge animation. However as the smoke cleared, everyone recognised what it was: An extremely weak recreation of the legacy that Christopher Reeve had left behind.

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Hulk (2003)

bruce-banner-eric-banaWhile some Superhero bombed because they were chock full of  mindless action, Hulk the movie failed because of exactly the opposite reasons. Ang Lee tried to make a nice story out of the movie, but it ended up being the most boring superhero movie ever. An action movie without much action.

Green Lantern

green-lantern-banner-sliceThe only reason it’s on second spot is because there happens to be another superhero movie that’s even worse.  There was a lot of plot content and the director tried to squeeze it all in. It resulted in a movie whose plot scenes changed very rapidly. Plus, another great Supervillain was brutally massacred: Parallax. Ryan Reynolds was not convincing in his role as Hal Jordan and he gets another chance at redemption with Deadpool.

Fantastic Four (2015 Reboot)

Fantastic-Four-Trailer-CostumesFour Fantastic Four movies made till date. And three feature on this list. And this one goes on to top it. Even before it was released, the director pulled his support away, and when the movie was released, everyone got to know why. Horrible is the word I’m looking for. And even that’s an euphemism. I can bet my life’s saving that nobody would be touching the Fantastic Four project for a long long time.