GOT Season 6 Finale 15Game of thrones aired the finale of season 6 last week and successfully blew everybody’s minds away. Episode 10 (winds of the north) not only confirmed the most loved theory of R+L=J but also got along many shockers. Cersei becomes queen, Tommen commits suicide, Margaery gets killed due to a wildfire bomb which also killed many others like the high sparrow, Loras, and Mace.

This episode has the highest number of named character deaths so far. The episode also saw Arya Stark strike off an important name off her list where she fed Walder Frey his sons cooked as pie and then went on to slash his throat. Winds of winter also show us our personal favourite, Danaerys as she finally leaves Slaver’s bay along with her army and trusted few to wage war on Westeros and sit on the iron throne. This episode became the second to get ranked a 10/10 by IMDb (The first being Episode 9 – Battle of the Bastards).

The episode, however, left the fans craving for more as it confirmed theories and also set a path for the final showdown for the Iron Throne! The makers confirmed that there will only be two more seasons and the fandom has already come up with predictions for the next.

Reunion of Starks

The first prediction is the reunion of the Starks. While Jon and Sansa have already been reunited, it is only a matter of time before Arya meets them too as she is in Westeros and Bran being at the wall could be reunited very soon. Seeing how the storyline is progressing, we feel the Starks will be reunited in season 7.


The Rebel Sansa

The next theory is about our own Lady Stark, Sansa. Season 6 saw a rift forming between her and Jon and since he is the one receiving all the credits for defeating Ramsay Bolton, we feel Sansa will rebel. According to our prediction, Sansa will join with Littlefinger to hatch a plan against Jon Snow. there is also a theory about Sansa carrying the child of Ramsay Bolton.

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Jon ‘Snow’

The next prediction for the upcoming season is Jon Snow finding out the truth about how he is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. As of now, only Bran knows the truth but since we predict bran’s reunion with his other Stark siblings in season 7, we feel that he will tell Jon the truth about his parentage.


The fight of Clegane brothers

89256a40-9d0d-0133-6e1a-0efce411145fCleganebowl! The fight that everybody has been waiting to watch between the two Clegane brothers may finally happen as Sandor Clegane has returned. Sandor has a desire for revenge. We feel he will join the Starks and once there is a battle between the Starks and Cersei, we will finally get to see the Hound fight the Mountain.

The War

Season 7 will see Dany’s war to conquer Westeros but she will be delayed by Euron Greyjoy who wants to bride Danaerys. He is getting a thousand ships built to chase after her fleet, thus, we feel there will be a war between Dany and Euron as well.

End of Reign

hbos-game-of-thrones-season-6-episode-10-the-winds-of-winter-cersei-lannister-sits-on-the-iron-throneBased on theories, Jamie Lannister who has been alienated because of his sister Cersei’s orders will return to end her reign. Cersei has managed to make many enemies in the seven kingdoms which make us feel that her reign will be short lived and she shall soon die at the hands of her brother.

Beyond the wall

According to predictions, Bran will either end the magic spell on the Wall as he was marked by the Night’s king or the Night’s King will use the Horn of Joramun but either way, the Wall and the spell on it will be broken and the white walkers will attack. The end of season 7 will see a battle of Ice and

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