1995_Welcoming_feast_2Aren’t our lives a little magical?
Aren’t we much more than we think we are. Movies like harry potter are irresistible. May it be fictitious, but we have believed in their existence in flesh and blood. A very spiritual story of faith and perseverance is hidden beneath it. There are some lessons that this movie series has taught us. Harry+potter+quotes
The whole series has been inspiring. The characters make us dream and fell in love. Even the most ordinary person can be special if he just believe in himself and keep exploring best of life. There is no turning back. At the age when all kids search for approval in friendship, no status and bar can stop their reach. Having friends for now will make you have them forever. And they believe in keeping it forever. No person is truly alone if you keep putting your one foot in front of another. No ifs and buts exist in life if you stay away from clouds of confusions. We all have had little secrets in the journey. This movie is circled around the single character but the each component is equally important. What we learn from here can be applicable to all sorts of people, be they be of any age, gender or place.

The kid who has lost his parents and lives with mean and low moral relatives, still not loses his essence of purity. flighty-temptress-adventure-no-credit-necessaryIn the world where everyone is trying to pull you down, be different enough that you stand for your own and does not pull ears off to injustice. We will encounter many people in this journey, but hold on to some, don’t let them go. They will not go if they love you. Friends, family and teachers are all that we have till the very end, let us never forget to thank them and be there for them. Let our choices define what we are; let the difficult decisions prove us victorious.
It doesn’t matter if a person is dead or alive until you can feel their memories in heart. Our biggest treasure lies in our heart, and it never matters how many times we fail, until every time we learn an experience out of it. Sometimes the fear of evil, help us to evolve in our best role.

At some point we have lost things, but they have a way of coming back to us we just need to look at the brighter side and have let go of any regrets. We have grown up from our childhood to adolescence with harry potter. It’s more than a movie and novel. We have admired magic wand and cloak of invisibility, we have yearned for time machine and to get into platform 9 ¾. 

185408-Harry+potter,+quotes,+sayings, We all have wanted those candies with sounds and dinner feast, the speaking portraits of dead people and such amazing pets, either it be owl, rat, frog or a buck beak. (Size hardly matters). We have imagined ourselves flying on that nimbus 2000 and being clicked by that whacky camera. Who doesn’t want to be under the sorting hat and chase the golden snitch?   How can we miss out the libraries, though we cannot smell the fragrance stored in those yellow pages of book but we believe it does exist in those long stories of books and the Ball party, where for once all of them looked delicious, all of them, including Long Bottom.

Life is been a journey and to be happy at the end of the road, we must tie our happiness in the journey not the goal.  So everyone who has lived in the moments of this magical world, who has believed in miracles and has traveled so far fearlessly, Keep pushing yourself beyond limits. You are more worth than what you think you are.  Never forget that love, outlives all, either it be jealousy or self ego. Some battles have to be fought alone, so don’t keep gazing at the path and waiting for someone to accompany you in those treacherous paths, be brave enough to walk in and it all will be worth a good reason.
Don’t get materialistic in life, you will defiantly loose friends. Try to seek happiness in just sharing a cup cake or walking down the lane. We are never alone, a mysterious optimistic force is always driving us, so don’t dwell on the past but instead carve your future.

Take out that magic wand and spell the mantra of success, soon a train will be waiting for you to take you towards your dream. Be the wizard of your life and search the treasure beyond any measures…
Hogwarts is waiting..!!tumblr_mbqbc3WCBD1renyoao1_500

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