The Incredibles was one of the top favourite films of almost every 90s kid. It was also one of the animated films which was watched and enjoyed by the audience in Hindi too, as Shahrukh Khan had given the voiceover for Mr. Incredible. After a long 14 year wait, they came out with the sequel for this film, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The movie picks up from the exact point where the former one ended. Superheroes are still illegal in the world and living under a shadow. Then a corporation presided by a brother-sister duo, whose deceased father was a huge supporter of superheroes, gets in touch with the superheroes with a mission of making them legal in mind. To accomplish that, they decide to stop mishaps from happening, and hence get into the good books of people to finally become legal. Agreeing to this mission, Mr. Incredible takes up the role of house husband, while Elastigirl goes out there to stop crimes and to face a new supervillain called Screenslaver. The movie introduces a gang of new superheroes as well. Therefore we can expect a sequel exploring more of their storylines and future. At home, Mr. Incredible is shown struggling with handling the kids along with all the household chores. The house’s harmony goes haywire when they discover that Jack-Jack also has superpowers and the lack of being able to control his superpowers gives rise to some hilarious happenings.The best thing about this film is that they have revolved it around all the boss ladies. Right from making Elastigirl’s character being more badass and prominent in the film, and Violet transforming from a conscious, cranky teenager into a smart and confident one, to the super villain shown in the film also being a female character, this movie has stopped male characters overshadowing its female ones. The added adorableness of Jack-Jack warms your heart. Most of the family rapports and scenes like the one where Mr. Incredible and Dash embarrass Violet in front of her crush, or the fighting and the making up between Violet and her dad, or the typical teenage worries that Violet has, or the way Mr and Mrs Incredible tackle the long distance and try not to work each other up with the problems they’re facing, are similar to events in our day-to-day lives.Story wise, this movie does manage to keep the audience hooked and entertained till the very end. It manages to make us nostalgic and puts a sincere smile on the spectators’ faces. The basic storyline is pretty much a cliché, where the superheroes kick ass and save the day from a villain and it always ends on a happy note, but happy endings and feel-good movies are never a bad idea, in my opinion.

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