We don’t see them save the damsel in distress nor viciously indulging in a race of cat and mouse with the protagonist. They may not be a series regular. We sometimes crib about their screen space being a little too tiny. But surpassing their small shelled story arc, they seized a permanent place in our hearts. Here’s a look at 10 of the most astonishing characters who taught us to look past the hero.

Skinny Pete, Breaking Bad

Gawky, dopey and reliable, this stoner best friend of Jesse Pinkman is a character who we just cannot look past. Right from coming up with incredible star trek theories to scaring the bejesus out of Gretchen and Elliot in the finale, Skinny Pete was definitely one of the reasons why we loved Breaking bad.


Garth Fitzgerald IV, Supernatural

Not every thrilling drama can prevail without a comedic relief and Garth Fitzgerald IV is that breath of fresh air in the demonic world of supernatural. With his irrevocable optimism and a gazillion mishaps, Garth redefines the meaning of “lovable goof”. He proves time and again to be the support system for the Winchester boys, lovingly proclaiming himself as their mentor. Hunter or werewolf, say what you want, but you just cannot tell me that you’re not Garth-ed.


Gunther, Friends

Many of us have grown up watching the six ‘friends’, gossip, live and revel on the cozy, huge orange couch at Central Perk, drinking coffee. And for a lot of us, the man behind the million cups of their coffees brings back memories. With hair brighter than the sun, Gunther has sublimely touched the friends’ lives. His undeniable love for Rachel and his witty one liners are something that we’d never forget.


Dylan, Modern family

No man is good enough for a dad’s little girl. But this quirky, dense and lanky teenager wins the dad’s heart ( Phil) including ours. Being Haley Dunphy’s on-and-off boyfriend, though comes off as a dim-witted and punch drunk in the beginning, Dylan gets us loving his adorable personality in no time. The hilarious moments he shares with Phil are something which we always look forward to.


Kelly Kapoor, The office

“I talk a lot, so I learn to tune myself out,” she hilariously declares in an episode. That is Kelly Kapoor for you guys. This ditzy and fiery Indian is undoubtedly one of the characters whom we absolutely adore. From her nonstop chattering to her highly volatile relationship with Ryan Howard, this sassy Customer Sales Rep, sure does know to steal our hearts!


Virgil, Homeland

We see him in a handful of episodes with not much importance given to his characterisation. But every time we see Virgil going out of his way to Help Carrie Mathison, our heart goes out for this CIA personnel. Exceptionally loyal and loving, Virgil is easily Carrie’s go to guy, reminding us of that one friend of ours whom we can count on any day.


Mrs Wolowitz, The Big Bang Theory

There is nothing but love in this woman. Quintessentially Jewish, this Debbie is a doting mother to Howard, with whom she has a dysfunctional yet adorable relationship. It is a running gag in the show for the concealment of her face. You would be lying to me if you were to say that you’ve never been flustered with irritation at not being able to see her face in many of those scenes which gave away glimpses of her! To see Mrs Wolowitz’s face: Bucket list, Check!

Maebe Funke, Arrested Development

Spunky, sly and vivacious, Maebe’s parentage is often questioned, leading to the show’s most hilarious plot lines. She may or may not be adopted. Her very name holds proof! Throughout the show, we see the young rebel transform into a confident woman by the end of season 4. From her bizarre relationship with George Micheal to her numerous cons (remember the Tantamount studios bit?), Maebe Funke is definitely a swindle, we all love.


Todd Quinlan, Scrubs

Whenever anyone High fives me, my mind goes swishing back to “The Todd”. An officially consigned member of the Brain Trust, Todd Quinlan is easily one of Scrubs’ treasures! This self-proclaimed womanizer is an out and out comical relief who never fails to make get us bursting into laughter, every time he “hammocks up”. From his insanely peculiar scrub caps to his DOC tattoo, no one can hate the man!


Mrs Hudson, Sherlock

“Not your Housekeeper, dear” she calmly exhales every time Sherlock or Watson, gives her some chore. Nevertheless, she ends up serving the boys, tea and cookies at the end of their hard days. Such is her love. Adoring, warm and immensely clever, this landlady of 221B, Baker Street emerges as a balance between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s leading men, tugging at our heart strings.


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