“Movies can be considered as one of the most important sources which can bring back positive vibes in our life.”

In this era where the competition is at it’s peak, we need a refreshing agent in our life and moviesare one such agent .Sometimes life gets too harsh and we feel like giving up. At that moment, we need a source of inspiration to help us face the harsh realities of life.

There are different genres of movies. Hence, movies can be considered as an appetizer for our life based on different situations. The ultimate goal of a movie is to entertain people and draw attention from the public. While some movies may not resonate well with the audiences, some turn out to be huge Box Office hits. The Box Office collection is one of the pivotal factors which determines a movie’s success.

Among the top 10 largest markets by Box Office revenue, the Asian countries, China and India hold the second and third position respectively. Let us take into account – the highest grossing Asian movies of all times.

The Mermaid (2016)

Are you a fan of the fantasy movies especially of the ones that have happy endings? This movie will definitely make you cry, cringe, and at the same time make you happy. The plot of the movie revolves around a mermaid who has been sent a mermaid to assassinate a businessman whose research projects in the sea have caused major harm to aquatic life-forms. The mermaid however falls in love with the businessman. Will she be able to accomplish her mission and save her clan?



Monster hunt (2015)

The plot of the movie is enriching. It takes us back to the time when humans and monsters existed together in a peaceful world. Of late, humans have decided to set a boundary between the human world and the monster world. The humans in their greed for complete domination over the land, separate their world from the monster world. There is a twist in the story when a man from the human world gets pregnant with a monster baby. In his journey, he meets a lady monster hunter and both of them team up to save the baby from both the monsters and humans indifferent about their form. The movie doesn’t forget to make its message clear that acceptance holds a strong position in everyone’s life.

Monster Hunt 2 (2018)

This movie is the sequel of Monster Hunt (2015). The movie is the continuation of the story after baby Wuba gets separated from his human parents. The problems between the humans and the monsters have not been solved yet. The movie mesmerizes the audience with its emotional touch, comedy, and action timing. The character of innocent baby Wuba also helps the movie stand out due to the emotions it invokes. Will baby Wuba succeed in reuniting with his parents ?



Your Name (2016)

The animated movie gained world wide applause and touched hearts all over. The movie has won many awards and it is the top grossing animated movie. The plot revolves around the two main characters of the movie who belong to two different time zones. They start to switch their bodies but, as they wake up in their bodies, they are unable to recover their memories. They start conversing with each other by leaving notes and setting rules so that it doesn’t cause chaos in their original life. The turning point comes when the male character is unable to connect to the female character. Their bodies start switching. The boy embarks on a journey to search for the girl, unclear of the place where he believed that the girl existed but, determined enough to search for her. Will they be able to reunite again?

Dangal (2016)

The movie is a biopic based on the ‘Phogat sisters’. The movie beautifully captures their struggle to become world-class wrestlers. It gives us a glimpses at the lives of the Phogat sisters and their relationship with their guiding father. Aamir Khan who is known as Mr. Perfectionist, holds up his title as he never fails to amaze the crowd with his acting skills in almost all genres. Needless to say, the film was a smashing Box Office hit.


PK (2014)

The movie is about a humanoid alien who lands on Earth for a research mission but, in his journey, his remote control gets stolen by a thief. The remote was the only way he can get back to his planet. The story starts with his journey in search of the remote to get back to his planet. The movie questions the impact of religion in the life of people. The multi-religious nature of the Indian society has led to the creation of sets of belief based on its customs. The blind belief towards the religious preachers is the main highlight of the movie. Will Pk be able to return to his planet?


3 idiots (2009)

The movie is about three friends and their fight against the various prejudices of the society in order to realize their dreams. The movie is quite relatable to the students of the Asian countries where a strict educational system is followed. The human nature which sometimes becomes a victim of these prejudices held by the society is emphasized throughout the movie. If you have read the best selling novel written by Chetan Bhagat ‘Five Point Someone’, this movie is a must watch for you as it has been inspired by the novel. The movie does not fail to leave a strong impact on the audience.


Journey To The West:Conquering The Demons (2013)

If you are an action-movie lover, this is a must watch for you. The movie is packed with action and it is loosely based on the novel ‘Journey To The West’. The story is about a young Buddhist who wants to drive away the devil but, he is innocent and unskilled. As the story proceeds, the Buddhist monk portrays the power of one’s belief and the power of determination as well. The story ends on an emotional note with the victory of the good over evil. This movie is an all time grossing Asian movie.




Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

The Chinese martial arts movies never fail to mesmerize us with their hilarious slapstick comedies. The movie was listed as the Top 10th Grossing Foreign Language Movie in U.S in 2004. It is a story of two friends who want to join the deadly Axe Gang. The main character is portrayed as a trouble maker and an innocent youth who is keen to learn martial arts and become a member of the Axe Gang. The story revolves around how the main character matures from an innocent troublemaker to the one who becomes the protector of the village which has been doomed by the activities of Axe Gang.


Baahubali 2: The conclusion (2017)

The second movie in the epic Baahubali franchise, this historical drama is packed with action, love, and some intense emotions. This movie has all the essential elements – lust, love, revenge, and power struggles. The story was applauded for its plot as it became the highest grossing Indian movie in the overseas market. The story begins with the narration of how Kattappa killed Amarendra Baahubali. The story ends with Amarendra’s son’s avenging Bhallaladeva. The film ends on a note of peace and prosperity as balance is restored once Bhallaladeva’s regime ends and Amarendra’s son begins too rule.

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